Yay! Beth, Design No. Five and Laughing Gull Hill are the stars of a feature story in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. We are all super proud to see her get the well-deserved recognition. Beth generously shared the limelight with many of her key partners and suppliers on the project, also mentioned in the article, which which does a delightful job telling the story of the house.Untitled.jpeg

As described in Shot to Pieces a few months ago, Beth invited in noted “interior and lifestyle photographer” Joyelle West to do her thing at LGH. She spent a full day here setting up intricate shots to capture the look, and more importantly the feel, of every room…even the bathrooms!


Coincidentally, Joyelle is the Boston Globe’s go to interiors photographer, so after the paper picked up the story, they sent their ace back down to capture a series “lifestyle” pics to round out the story. Again, it was amazing to see how much time and care the team put into styling and staging each shot, 30 minutes at least, before she would snap away.


The Globe reporter had really grooved on the indoor/outdoor nature of the Cocktail Room and Patio combination, so Joyelle was under orders to get at least one shot to captured. Critical to the shot was getting the sail-like tension cover installed in order to  provide just the right lighting on the patio.

Somewhat ironically, only a sliver of the “sail” shows up in the final piece. Still, we thought it appropriate to celebrate the article last night at Crisp Flatbread Company who’s own sails, also from Sperry Sails, inspired this wonderful addition to the patio.



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