The patio was our first addition to the house. It functioned as our living room while the rest of the joint was under construction. It works beautifully for hanging out and entertaining, but has always been a little hot at midday in the height of the summer. So, we added some shade.


Beth’s inspiration came from similar “tensioned covers” she spotted at Crisp Flatbread Company, one of our favorite restaurants on the Cape. A few questions and a little research lead her to Sperry Fabric Architecture. The company is a spinoff off of Sperry Sails, a forty year old sail loft in Marion. A couple months ago, she rang them up and arranged a consult with Seth, their field guy. He spent an hour or so with us and more or less conceived of the design on the spot. A week later he provided us a detailed design (from their CAD system) and a proposal.

We were out of town when they installed last week, so don’t have a sense for how long it took. We’d been pretty sure we wanted to do it when Seth visited, so discussed maintenance with him. It should be straightforward for me to take down in the fall (or for hurricanes) and to reinstall in the spring. It’s pretty much just lines and knots. I’ll probably take down the guyed mast and store inside as well.

It rained last night and things stayed fairly dry under the cover although that was not the main purpose. And, the light fabric lets plenty of light through, so the cocktail room stays brighten, even on a cloudy Memorial Day.



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