I’ve been peeking in the windows for weeks, but on my walk yesterday, texted Carol who kindly OKed my sneaking into “Big Red” to check on progress. She tells me they have an early June move in date. So far the contractor has been very good with schedule.

The floors they were able to preserve have all been refinished. In the gutted areas, they’ve put in beautiful new pine that is ready for stain. I love the juxtaposition of the slate next to the patio door as well as the way they turned the boards perpendicular at the far end of the living room corresponding to the exposed beam. Walls and new bullseye trim are fresh painted and look super.


They’ve preserved many of the wonderful details that characterize the house. The big cabinet in the kitchen was the most work. A favorite of Carol’s, in order to work in the new layout, they had to shift it a few feet from its original location. Well worth the effort to retain the memories and commodious storage.


Opening doors, I was able to detect work in progress. We still have some closets that look similar at Laughing Gull Hill. In fact, there were many reminders of our own house and project. The two are very different, but elements have a similar feel. As reported, the Lovell family were common residents, living here before moving a couple blocks into town.


A before/after. You can see the outside door that went away. They now have tons of storage in the huge mudroom.


The exterior, too, has been progressing as well. The new covered entrance to the mudroom replaces the door that had been around the corner. So, they are good to go and will put a wrap on Phase One before the summer. I can’t wait for kitchen cabinets and appliances. Stay tuned.



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