More on the Red House. Carol sent me into sneak around and record progress with a few pics. The big deal this week was new molding, nicely done to match the old. First, the old:


And, voila, the new. They seem to have matched the old bullseye molding perfectly.

Preserving the old with the new is clearly a goal of Carol and Adam’s. They’ve kept some nice details. Old cabinetry, which was moved into what they called the “summer kitchen.” A neat old window. And, I’m particularly pleased they maintained the narrow maids’ stair in the back.

I don’t know where this door will end up, but I’m glad they are keeping it.


This kind of preservation doesn’t come easy. It takes planning and often costs more than replacement, but IMO is mandatory when rehabbing and old house. Not being on site all the time, stuff can often slip by and decisions are made without the homeowner. So Carol and Adam were smart to make their desires known in writing.

Yesterday, I though about another parallel between the Red House and Laughing Gull Hill. Regular readers will know that Capt. Lovell, who moved from there to LGH, became Cotuit’s postmaster. Well, in somewhat of a coincidence, Carol’s parents rescued the old Wianno Summer post office and moved it to the Red House lot. Needs a little rehab itself, but it remains a fun feature of the property.


Lastly, Spring has sprung in Cotuit, and our ospreys are back, squeaking away and wildly active this weekend. (A little Googling tells me that Ospreys head down towards the Caribbean in the fall.)


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