Of course, Carol, the proprietor of the Red House is a fan. She particularly likes the postings that feature her house. Responding to last week’s lament at my not having snapped any pictures of the superior electrical work before the walls were closed, Carol supplied me with a few she had taken. Neatly wired, no?


And, Carol shared a few shots of her plumbing, too. Also, nicely-done.


Plaster went up on the walls this week. They are now working on the window molding, matching up to the antique modeling throughout.


As is my wont, I strolled by the Red House on my walk yesterday. Here’s a view of the house nestled in the woods across Ropes Field (owned and maintained by the Barnstable Land Trust).


Back at Laughing Gull Hill, there was another photoshoot yesterday, this one more focused on details than full room shots. My intent had been to share some of the photos from the first photo shoot. But, Beth shut me down as she is trying to keep her powder dry for House Beautiful or Architectural Digest each of which, as I understand it, have a larger readership than the LGH blog (though surely no more devoted).


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