Noted Boston interior photographer, Joyelle West, arrived early Friday morning for an all-day photo shoot. Beth plans to pitch the story and photos to some magazines. We will share some of the results after Joyelle does her magic back at the studio. Styling most of the rooms over the last few weeks, the Design No. Five team worked their magic. Here are a few amateur shots of their work. Well save the rest for the real thing.

It looks like the books on the mantle will remain. And certainly the swimming babe painting will. She’s the work of San Luis Obispo artist T.S. Harris, whose specialty is mid-century snapshot-inspired paintings. Many, like this one, are close ups of women’s bathing costume-clad torsos. This gal is a great counterpoint to Larry the fisherman at the other end of the Cocktail Room.

It was fun to see the masters, with their extensive equipment, at work. Never have I have I been in a bathroom with so many women (and the day after International Women’s Day)!

The nice side-effect of the upcoming shoot was to be a spic and span and in perfect order home, perhaps for the first time ever. Or so I thought. It turns out that, as on a movie set, it’s a different story behind the camera. I particularly liked the jury rigged wood stack in the kitchen fireplace.

Oh well, things are back in pretty good order now.

On another front, I strolled down the street to the Red House yesterday for my weekly check-in. They’ve made some great progress on the outside with shingling and porch roof over the new door. I also peeked in the windows and it appears the wiring is all roughed in. And they’ve blown in dense foam insulation, just as we did, on the outside walls. I’m sure Carol and Adam will welcome us back inside one of these weekends.


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