We get a lot of “How’s the house going?” My recent stock answer is “More or less done.” But that belies the reality that decorating continues. (And, we do still have bit of a punch list.) Beth has a photo shoot scheduled for a few weeks from now and continues to prep for that. As a consequence, I arrive every weekend to the results stuff from Design No. Five.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the suspended bed in the nursery. Kinda boat-y.IMG_9466.jpg

That fat rope also went to good use in the Guest House, where we were short a bannister.

We added a cool fixture upstairs in the Guest House and some more modern lights in the upstairs hall.


In an unexpected twist, having thought were were settled on chairs in the dining room…we weren’t. The new ones are extremely cool. I like them because, while comfortable, they are narrow, and thus allow us to get more folks around our plenty big for a crowd table. Five fit along each side with room to spare. Coolest of all, eight of the ten are subtly accented with one or more sterling silver bees.


We’ve been a little slow about getting artwork up. We own a fair amount with not a ton of wall space, in common areas anyway. And we keep acquiring new. Beth clustered a motley collection of existing pieces in the Red Room along with four new wing back chairs. And, in the Guest House hung a wonderful new one from popular Atlanta artist Sally King Benedict.


Behind the scenes, to address the dryness problem, Scotty installed a simple humidifier on the air handler. This has gotten us up into the acceptable range as measured by the handy little device I bought on Amazon for $9.


Lastly, I strolled by the Red House yesterday. Great progress with new windows and a good looking door on a side that used to be covered with rhododendron.



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