Beth’s Design No. Five, now conveniently located in the Guest House, is pitching the Laughing Gull Hill story to several national publications. They’ve lined up a pro photographer for a comprehensive photo shoot next month. Leading up to that they’ll perform decorating magic on the whole place. Stay tuned.

As a preview, some homegrown shots of Design No. Five work on the house to date. Many of these have shown up on Instagram. If you are into interior design, follow DN5 on Instagram, like the Facebook page, and check out the recently updated website.

The kitchen always looks this clean.

For some reason they always avoid toilet bowls in bathroom shots.

“Larry” the fisherman continues to be the Cocktail Room’s second most popular feature (the bar, of course, dominating the top spot). And, speaking of popular, the most popular linen fabric in DN5’s new textile line is the Mermaid’s Purse in Nantucket Red, tested on twin Cocktail Room chairs. (It works!)

Random other views:

Even the working space in the Guest House is designed to dazzle.

For posterity, some shots of the old offices and warehouse. (Another preview: we are considering barn construction as the future home for DN5 inventory.)


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