For old fans and new…and mostly for me. Here’s timeline and some highlights.

March 31, 2016– Purchased Laughing Gull Hill. April Fools!


April, 2016– New Septic. Discovered and replaced cracked pipes under bathrooms. Excavated floor and started gutting the Kitchen.


Early May, 2016– Moved out of old house to live as gypsies. Shored up foundation. Gutted Kitchen and discovered rotted header. Realized all wiring would need replacement.


Late May, 2016– Framed kitchen, opening staircase and adding double door into Dining Room, installed patio (which would serve as our living room) and fire pit, updated Master Bedroom, finished downstairs floors.


June 2016– Replaced old distribution panels, progressed Kitchen and Dining, finished more floors.


July 2016– Moved in July 1. Finished second bath, added bedrooms, dining, outdoor shower, evolved from makeshift kitchen to almost complete (save for sink). Installed signature newel post and bannister.


August 2016– More bedrooms, AC, started upstairs bath, kitchen sink and then some.


September 2016– Installed Mudroom, finished Dining Room, replaced roof. Started Cocktail Room.


October 2016– Finished upstairs bath, added French doors in Cocktail Room, Replaced porches, extended footprint for Master Bath.


November/December 2016– Enclosed Master Bath, started replacing all siding, replaced most windows, rebuilt chimney, furnished dining room, finished Cocktail Room…readied for Christmas.


Winter 2017– Mostly suspended activity and enjoyed the quiet Cape Cod winter. Did take some time to finish more floors. And started the bar project.


Spring 2017– Finished the bar in the Cocktail Room. Worked on the yard and gardens including leveling tent area in yard. Finished most re-siding


July 2017– Replaced driveway, progressed master bath and closet project, continued furnishing and decorating bedrooms. Hosted two fundraisers: a dinner and a house tour.


August 2017– More or less finished Master Bath. Started in on Guest House.


September 2017– Final touches on Master Bath. Progress on Guest House.


Autumn 2017– Finished Guest House. Installed alarm system. Remodeled awkward front stair landing. Readied for second Christmas.


Happy New Year from LGH!!!




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