It’s a busy, happy time for most, and not least Ed Lacey and his crew who have been just-in-time finishing off some bits we need before the house fills up next weekend.

Hanging hooks, for example, in the kitchen porch, for guest coats. And upstairs where the closet used to be before we reconfigured. Should get some paint on the boards this week.

In the guest house bath, hang now a fun new fixture and an faithful old family mirror. The guys also finished off the shower with a threshold and curtain rod, curtain on the way. All welcome additions for the forthcoming first guests to stay there. (As an aside, despite unusual temps in the teens, the heat pump has had no problem keeping it comfortable in there. A big thumb’s up for the modern technology.)

For Santa’s convenience, Ed designed a stocking-dowel arrangement in front of the fire. It can fold up under the mantel in the off-season (although it looks so nice, maybe we will just leave it in place).


Lest we lose any kitchen-helper guests down into the cellar, Ed rebuilt the hatchway on the floor of the cleaning closet.


We added new hanging lights over the long dining table which orphaned a chandelier that had hung in my grandparent’s dining room (just a half mile down Main Street) for decades. It’s very old, converted from gas. When I was very young, my grandmother convinced me it was enchanted by tossing Hershey’s kisses from behind me so that they appeared to drop magically for the chandelier. In any case, it is special, and fortunately it has found a new home in our bedroom (where it perfectly complements Beth’s Peloton bike).

So, we are starting to feel ready. After a couple of snowstorms, the neighborhood is looking like winter wonderland. Knocking wood for a white Christmas.

And, we’ve been doing our best to doll up LGH for the holidays. All the best to you and yours!



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