The team was tied up over Thanksgiving, opening and closing other people’s houses for the holiday, but they were mostly back this week.

Darby and Ed hung a shelf in the dining room that will ultimately house sailing prizes. After it gets some paint we’ll pull out the box of those that have been stored away. A couple of new lights are now in position as well.

An open item from the front stairs project was adding a latch to one of the bedroom doors. Work also continues on the kitchen closet, rebuilding the shelves and extending into the space we opened up under the back stairs. While installing the shelves, one of the guys almost went through the floor hatch into the cistern basement, so that needs a rebuild. Then a paint job in the closet will remove one of the vestigial reminders of how old and crappy everything looked when we moved in.

As is her wont, Beth has been redecorating the cocktail room with a new rug and fab chairs covered fabric from Design No. Five’s new textile lineIMG_2013.JPG

And, speaking of DN5, they have been busy decorating the new guest house studio. Check out the crazy round coffee table that arrived yesterday. As an aside, the heat pump system is keeping the space wonderfully comfortable. Perhaps a topic for a future posting.

Cape Cod has been quite temperate the last two weekends, and I’ve tackled the hill down to Old Shore Road. It hasn’t been tended for years and the ground under the trees has grown into a snarl of prickly shrubs. Patch at a time, I’ve been clearing it out, so that ultimately it will be just an ivy carpet sloping from the lawn down towards the road and the shore.

In fun Cotuit tradition, Santa arrived at the Town Dock yesterday, greeted by several hundred. From the dock he strolled up to Memorial Park to light the tree and offer up his lap to a long line of kids. Everyone who was anyone was there. Super fun!


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