Evidently the first wooden sink in the Town of Barnstable: we’re a little dejected over being inspected and rejected. Luckily Joe, the plumber we selected, is well-connected and respected, and so thinks he can get corrected such that our plans won’t be effected. He’s now appealing as we directed, and a positive outcome is expected.

The upstairs landing reconfiguration is down to some paint and reinstalling a door latch for one of the bedrooms. Darby finished the new flooring that he’d put in to cover the sins between the new bedroom doors (more or less where a closet used to be).

He’s also been finishing off the closet in the kitchen (the floor of which is a hatch to the Cape Cod cellar, a 9 ft round, bricked hole, not unusual for old houses in Cotuit). It’s a little hard to envision, but we walled off an old built-in at the end of the Cocktail Room tucked under the back stairs and have recaptured a little space by extending the old closet sideways. The pre-gut picture on the left shows the old built in; the closet is behind the blank wall to the right of it. The pic on the right is from the opposite side, through the closet door from the kitchen. You can see the new space to the right under the stair and the blue hatch in the existing floor.

Otherwise, we are down to a punch list. It contains items like “adjust pantry door latch” and “remount HVAC temp sensor in Patio corner.” Darby checked off a couple this week. We kept upstairs windows original and those they still have storms. The painters had not labeled the components when they removed to paint black, thus a number were mixed up and didn’t work right. Darby straightened all those out this week and replaced all the window latches with matching black ones.


The list is still fairly long with some larger items as well, so it will add up. However, we are definitely on the home stretch (unless Beth wins the argument about building a barn, but that’s another story).


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