The departure of the dumpster, such a fixture for so long, is a huge milestone. Symbolic, yes, but very practically it means we can now turn around in the drive without a bunch of back and forth and risking a bumper crunch. The driveway is long and narrow and designed for turning right where the dumpster sat, at the end. Free at last!

The master bath is done, basta, finito. The final touch was installing the drawer pulls I fashioned last week. Yay.

The guest house nears completion as well. Shelves are in, as are bathroom fixtures. Tracklights are shining. And, the heat pump HVAC is in operation. It’s been a warm fall on the Cape, but it’s about time to turn the heat on.

Upstairs, the guys framed in and hung the doors and started making sense of the floors. When finished, the floor will still be a patchwork, but that’s in keeping with the character of the old place.

And, the old sign, now looking new after Karen Crocker’s handiwork. (She’s a painter and a painter!) Should look great when reinstalled.




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