Contractor vacations allowed only incremental progress this week, but we are still seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Darby prepped the counter and sink in the guest house, so there’s finally a drain hole in the bottom of the sink. The plumbing underneath is stubbed off and ready for hook up. Similarly, the plumbing in the bath is set for fixture hook up, probably after the shower is tiled.

It’s amazing how much refuse has been carted out of the house over the last eighteen months. Ed is going to check his records, but thinks this is load number seven and likely the last one. It will be luxurious to be rid of the dumpster, located right where you want to back up to turn out of the driveway. No one has hit it yet, but it’s a constant concern.


The new walls upstairs got some paint, though the trim work is still outstanding. The patchwork of floors needs a little working out as well.

Meanwhile, back in the master bath, Darby put faces on the drawers in the vanity. We are trying to work out some kind of homemade nobs. I bought some quarter inch manilla, and tied up a small monkey’s fist as a prototype. More work on that once the rain starts this afternoon.

The Town of Barnstable property maps website (a cool resource) includes a picture of each property. They updated the Laughing Gull Hill picture a year ago. The contrast really highlights how much the outside has progressed in twelve months.

According to the October blogs, during that month we were rebuilding steps, adding footprint for the master bath, fitting out the upstairs bath, and finishing the gutted cocktail room, including the wall of windows/doors out onto the patio.

The plan from here is to complete the guest house in the next two weeks, and then we are down to a punch list of cleanup items.


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