Upon my return from a quickly planned trip to Belfast–I’m becoming spontaneous–I discovered that Beth took a game day decision to deal with the odd configuration at the top of the front stairs. Surprise!

Here’s the deal. Atop the front stairs was an odd landing, quite narrow. And, a little dicey. Going between the bedrooms on either side involved stepping down to what is either a wide step or a narrow landing. The room to the left (Bedroom B in the floor plan) was part of the original house. At that time, a couple triangular steps wound the steps left. When the half Cape became full, they jury rigged the current landing arrangement.

We planned to do something with this sometime, but we had deprioritized for the future (like when we could afford maybe). Welcome to the future, fair reader. In my absence, Beth and Ed conspired to fix the problem. They nuked the walls marked by Xs and filled in the blue-lined doorways. Here are before/afters. The befores are a mix, some fairly current, some from when we bought the house.

It’s worked out great. A big benefit is that one can now navigate from Bedroom A to the upstairs bath without sneaking through BedroomB.

A minor regret is a the loss of one of the house’s fun features. The closets in rooms A and D adjoined via a tiny door through which we envisioned grandchildren passing. Of course, we also envisioned them tumbling down the stairs occasionally; that was the tradeoff. So, no more D closet, but we may retain the little door. Stay tuned.

From Bedroom B.

From the hall into Bedroom D. Note the small floor height problem we need to deal with (the rectangle a the base of the new wall).

Bedroom D with door at left now a wall.

From the head of the back stair looking towards the front of the house. No wall lets in more light too.

Up the front stair, last week vs. this week.

Other steps forward this week: They extended the kitchen closet under the back stairs (space once occupied by built in drawers in what is not the cocktail room), hung the cod, and made progress on the vanity drawers in the Master Bathroom.


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