The guest house has been mostly off limits for the last two weeks with the floors in process. We finished the wide pine boards with a slightly tinted urethane. Our friend Ken Soderholm, a high-end builder (perhaps with conventional tastes), likens LGH to a flooring showroom. With yet another style in the guest house, we’ve extended our selection.


Before getting kicked out by the floor guys though, Ed and team, trimmed in the new windows and finished the frames for the shelf wall. And we got most of the white painted. They also trimmed the windows outside.


Long time fans will know that the outdoor shower was one of the first improvements we made and was our only shower initially. I recall a low point being the day that Beth and I found ourselves squatting side by side, doing dishes in that shower. Extending out the upstairs bath created a small problem. From a shallow angle, the new bath’s window looked down into the shower, the shower’s wall cutting off the view, only at about one’s midriff. I’d originally envisioned a partition in the shower anyway, to create a dry space for towels, etc. The guys implemented that this week and it will definitely increase the comfort of modest users.


In the tech department, the Xfinity wifi has been reasonably reliable, but the range very limited. The modem/router is in the closet next do the fireplace. Coverage is spotty in the guest house, hardly 20 feet away and non-existent in the master bedroom, 40 feet the other way. We tried a new router, but realized only marginal improvement.

The Xfinity lady, however, recommended Plume. It’s a pretty neat system, essentially a distributed wifi router comprising only small devices that plug in like a nightlight. One hardwired into the router’s ethernet and the rest go anywhere. The system has the capability to balance bandwidth, dynamically shifting it around if, say, you are streaming video in one room and someone is only doing email in another. Installation, guided by a phone app, is super easy. Plume would have you install one in every room, but at $40 per unit…we were happy that three was enough to extend good coverage throughout the house. (Correction: Beth tells me they were $189 for a three-pack.)


Dare we say there’s light at the end of the tunnel? Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.


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