With all there has been to do on the house, redos are frustrating. We’ve had only a few,  generally where we tried to save money but, of course, ended up spending more. The worst call was to have the crappy old guest house windows and storms painted black. They were of no historical value and just too bad to salvage. Now, the Andersens are in, including a new one cut through the bathroom wall. They will all be trimmed out shortly, and the old ones will fade to a distant bad memory and lesson learned.

On the other hand, a great decision was to rebuild the stairs. Not a choice, really. Originally closed off, little wider than your shoulders, and treacherously steep, the stairs are now open, beautiful and comfortable to climb. Treads, risers and trim went on this week.

The top of the stairs now sports a new railing. Old one had been pretty rickety. The walls and shelves are all painted. Both indoor units for the heat pump system (upstairs and down) are hooked up and ready for action.

…a good thing, too, as autumn temps have come on abruptly to Cape Cod. At eight bells in the morning watch, here, it’s still only 49 degrees. Beautiful, though.


Meanwhile, back in the main house, it was a milestone weekend. For the first time, we brushed teeth in the master bath. The guys worked out the mirror-faucet incompatibily and we are good to go. The exceptionally deep sink will be great for…something. I’m sure we will figure it out. The simple, single wheel-handle faucet, another from the Waterworks Henry collection, is an interesting design. Similar to a modern shower control, you open it a little for cold and further for hot. It works. The vanity still wants for drawers, and then we are done in there.






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