Usually the Sunday blog is written on-site at LGH, but this weekend were off chinking glasses in the Big Apple. So, penning this while rolling down the highway through Connecticut (from the passenger seat) using pics that Ed and Karen kindly sent along.


The vanity went into the master bath, and the fit caused a minor stir. A combination of sink height, hole location, gooseneck faucet design and mirror mounting added up to a faucet fit fail. We love the mirror and were going to be sad to switch it out. But, it appears that we can finagle the fit with a lower profile faucet and cheating up the mirror a bit.


The guest house was the main focus of the week. Upstairs, the guys laid the wide pine flooring and put up the bones of the shelving on the south wall.

The floors went in downstairs as well, and Karen painted the beams and ceiling (which is the underside of the original upstairs flooring). There was some debate about leaving it natural brown, or staining, but in the end Beth figured the white would make it feel higher.

Finally, the kitchenette cabinets, counter and wooden sink went it. Can’t wait to see it finished.




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