Lots of pics this week. Brian Bellamy is done and the walls in the Guest House look great. (The pile of boards are for floor to ceiling shelves on the south wall…stay tuned.)


Meanwhile, Ed and Darby turned the downstairs into a wood shop and have been building the vanity for the master bath. Should have had them on that weeks ago. The pine counter will whitewashed to match the floors in the bathroom. The undermount sink looks pretty cool.

The guys have also been gluing up the guest kitchen counter and, believe it our not, fabricating what may be the coolest kitchen sink in the world. Yes, it will get a hole in the bottom. And, it too will be under-mounted and finished with epoxy resin inside, cause one wants a sink to be waterproof, right?

The guest house flooring arrived Friday. The width and length of these nicely milled boards is amazing. They must have come from some big ass pines!IMG_6624.jpg

Progress on windows too. We’ve got the custom storms the tall six-footers in the Dining and Red Rooms. And, the new ones arrived for the guest house. Really wish we had made that call before paying someone to paint the crappy old ones. C’est la Renovation.

And finally a landscaping update. In honor of Beth’s upcoming birthday, I installed a peach tree towards the foot of the property.  The grass is starting to come in. And, my roses along the patio are rocking with the cool weather.

The roses and hydrangea struggled a bit with the sun. Sneak preview…we’ve got something very special in mind for shading the patio.


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