As anticipated, the wallboard went up in the guest house, and Brian Bellamy started his plaster magic. We left the beams exposed on the first floor ceiling and will just paint them as well as the underside of the upstairs floor.



As an aside, we observed that with buttoning up the guest house, for the first time in the 18 months (wow) that we’ve owned LGH, there is no trace of musty smell anywhere .

Fixtures for the guest house bath were delivered to the kitchen porch, so it’s near ready for the plumbers and electricians to finish their work. The master bath, however, is still short one sink. Arrgghhh! To “save time” we ordered drawer towers from FW Webb to be the basis for the vanity. It’s now been months and still no drawers. Worse, their communication has been unbelievably lacking: Were you gonna tell us? I was ready to call up my old buddy Jeff Pope who runs the place, but we decided to punt and will likely just have Ed and Darby build drawers.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, is making good progress. The no longer little rose bushes are working their way up the trellis.  (OK, Mother Nature and Miracle Grow.)


Jimmy Aalto was back this week and slice seeded the lawn. It’s the perfect time of year for starting new grass. It’s also the perfect time of year for post-season sailing. Yesterday was glorious.



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