Cape Cod has been September-like for the last several weeks. Except for the Storm Harvey’s dying gasps that brought rain today, it’s been a period of clear and cool days, blue skies and crisp nights, all a reminder that autumn temperatures are around the corner. So, appropriate it is that after successful plumbing and electrical inspections last week, insulation went into the guest house. Ed brings in specialists to do this work.

IMG_6447 copy.jpg

The insulation guys back in with a 20 foot truck set up as a foam factory with long hoses that let them go most anywhere. Decked out in hazmat suits, they spray the dense, closed-cell foam about three inches deep on every outside wall and the underside of the roof. The stuff has a great R-factor and even adds some structural integrity.

So now ready for wallboard and plaster.

Outdoor showering can make you shiver come October. In fact, even by late August, on a dark, damp Monday morning, a 5am shower before the northward drive can be pretty chilly. So, we are pleased that the shower doors went into the master bath this week.

We still await the vanity, and so middle-of-the-night sips of water must come from the tub’s spigot. F.W. Webb has proved a little late on delivery and weak with communication. Just one of many minor aggrivations.

Lastly, early fall is the best time of year for planting grass. In anticipation, Jimmy Aalto came by an prepped some spots for seed. He will also slice seed the lawn to over power weedy patches. While he was here, he filled in the sink hole that developed over the well after a big rain.


Can’t wait to get that dumpster out of there and to recover the shed stuffed full of construction supplies and to have a drawer for a toothbrush and…all little things that remain. We inch ever closer to a new normal, not to say “done” which an old house is never.


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