Just a quick one. It was mostly a week of waiting. The master bath still awaits the vanity and shower door. Guest house progress was gated by rough inspections of the electrical work and plumbing which were completed only late in the week. Next step there is the dense foam insulation and then wallboard.

Darby completed the drawers in the closet and gave a little lesson in finish carpentry. I’d wondered how one installs the faceplate neatly and uniformly. Wish there were some in-progress pics, but essentially it goes like this: To ensure uniform spacing, he employs eighth-inch shims on the bottom and one side and scribes the other end for a final cut. Then he tacks the faceplate in place with a couple nails and finally removes the shims and fastens with screws from the back. Voila.

You can always use more closets, but this one is pretty commodious and should reasonably handle our elaborate wardrobes. Like the drawer pulls?

Some Cotuit morning pics from Saturday, just to fill space. The quiet harbor scene between the bottom of our hill and the yacht club greets each morning. It was placid on the water as it’s been most of the summer, so the Saturday races were tedious drifters. (More of the same today, it seems.) Roses by the patio benefited from pruning last week. And, as I’ve trimmed more brush and branches so one can see up the hill, we get ever more frequent comments about how great the house looks.


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