Gutting goes pretty fast. Putting it back together takes some time. We’re at the stage of rebuilding the guest house. The walls were all very thin with undersized studs. So, this week they carpenters padded out each stud to get code depth. Upstairs, they blew out the existing ceiling to make way for a cathedral. It’s looking dramatic already.

In parallel, the master bath moves ahead slowly, the big hold up being the vanity. So, some finishing touches on the shower which is only wanting a door. The tub is now unwrapped an cool looking. And, we’ve now added a few details like towel hooks.

The closet leading into the bath is complete save for drawers. The guys fabricated the drawers this week in the guest house.


Lastly, apropos of nothing, we had lobster last night and the outside of the house looks great.


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