Fixtures arrived this week for the master bath, the last big piece of the main house. Once that’s done, we will really be down to a punch list of little items.

The shower surfaces are Corian. So, the same guys who installed our kitchen counters put in the shower.

The shower is in–came out great–though not yet in operation. The fittings are all from the Waterworks Henry collection. The toilet is operational. The tub in place but without water yet. And we have the sink, but are waiting on the vanity.

Now it’s more or less onto the guest house. The gutting is complete. Plumbing and electric are underway.

And they rebuilt the stairs. The old ones had been way steep and narrow. Also note that the floor is built up. There had been a half step up to the once and future kitchen, but it it is now all the same height.


Outside, the painters continued to work on the black trim. They are down to painting the windows we had replaced before we settled on the black scheme. It was raining a little, so luckily the guys could work under cover. IMG_6049.jpg

And, finally, in the details department, lights on the bar!



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