We’ve been working around no closet space in the master bedroom since we moved in. At this point the new, commodious walkthrough closet is usable. All the shelves  are in and painted and hanger poles are in place. So desperate are we, that we’ve started moving clothing in (mine from an upstairs bedroom) prior to drawers being installed. Already if feels luxurious.

The floors are done in the closet and new bathroom as well. Bath fixtures still to come.

Moving on to the guest house, which we now are with demolition started this week.

There have been no great surprises so far, but it was a little disturbing to see the charred wood around the old chimney that we tore out.

An item on the punch list: new stairs into the cellar…or you might call it a ladder.


Finally, the moonlighting painters, who work at odd hours, continue to chip away at the windows, mostly working on the black exteriors. They removed and separately painted the old storms (for those windows not replaced). Yesterday they reinstalled a number of them. The pictures show without and with.

Unfortunately, yours truly discovered that the windows won’t open from the inside. The black paint on the said has glued the sashes and each needs a quick razor blade. Punchline: arrrgghh…the storms can only be opened from the inside. So, they all have to be removed, in order to free the sashes. A small setback.


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