No, and I get that question all the time. Of course, with a 200-year old house, the answer is “No Nay Never.” As it stands, though, the main house is nearly done-ish, and the guest house needs to be gutted. Once the master bath is completed, in another week or two, we’ll deem it done-ish, meaning we’re down to some painting a million little things.

The flooring went into the master bath about 10 days ago. It’s plain pine and will be pickled with a white stain like the other first floor bath shown below.

When Darby wasn’t eating lunch, he put the floor in the shower. That whole thing should be completed this week.

He and Ed have been fitting out the master closet. Lack of clothing storage was the impetus for the new bath. We gutted a perfectly serviceable one to convert it into a walkthrough closet on the way to the new bath, the footprint of which we had to add (with permission of the historic commission, of course). After a few drawers and some more paint, we look forward to finally having a place to house our extensive wardrobes. (I have eight bathing suits, for example, and as many bow ties…pretty much no socks, though.)

Outside, the landscapers added hydrangea in front and will follow with boxwoods when the weather cools a bit. They will also slice seed the lawn which took a big hit under the tent at the fundraiser.

Painters are mostly down to windows. The originals had been all white, as were the first ones we replaced. That was before we decided to go with traditional Cape Cod black with white trim. So, there are a number of new and old windows still undergoing conversion. The guys removed the storms and are painting those before replacing them on the windows that still require, the tall ones in the Dining and Red Rooms, for example.



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