It was a frenetic week and preparations continued almost until party time. There were painters touching up windows and doors all Saturday morning knowing we were having people over that night.

The bar is done! We didn’t use if for the party–there were pros out under the tent–but I was thrilled with the door and drawer pulls.

And, other inside scoops: The Red Room’s hole in the wall is finally filled with a set of shelves and TV mount. Mike Hinkley has been wiring like crazy, and Ed’s guys are following him around with new molding to cover up his work. Also, I learned that the master bedroom is “the wrong color” (something to do with matching something anticipated for the new bath) and so Karen Crocker is “fixing” that. Oh, and there are new floors in the bath and closet, but we’ll hold off until next week to survey progress there.

Mid-week the shells arrived and the parking areas and paths are now so adorned. We hired all those trucks to help crush them.


Friday, the landscaping team descended, dodging painters and carpenters, to clean up the gardens, put in shrubs and finally mulch. Hydrangea and boxwoods will arrive for the front of the house this week before Thursday’s house tour. We can’t wait to see the pink roses climb the trellises Ed’s team built above the flower garden.

The exterior of the house finally has a finished look with the cedar shakes complete and all the bare wood covered with at least one coat of paint. Still lots to be done, but nothing obvious at quick glance. (Funny, painters just arrived…Sunday morning.)




And, it turns out this place can hold 300. Success! Now onto the next fundraiser.



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