…strong motivations. One week from today, 200 people from the CMYC will have gathered under a tent, walking atop the newish grass on the leveled lawn. Four days later and for about four hours, patrons of the Cotuit Library will be tromping room to room to see what the heck we’ve been up to at LGH. And, nightly, yours truly treks into the hall and across dining room, kitchen, and cocktail room, just to get to get a little relief. So the themes of the last couple weeks have been finishing the exterior and rebuilding the master bath.

Even yesterday, Saturday, the place has been a hive of activity. Actually, the jam of trucks in the drive has held up the landscapers from progress. Still, it was heartening to see a dozen or so pairs of hands at work.

A big milestone will be completion of the cedar shakes, still about 25 feet of wall and a few odd spots to go. When they started to the left of the front door yesterday, I expected that piece would be done, but didn’t appreciate the prep required. This is the most ancient part of the house, and the log sill was quite deteriorated after 200+ years. So, it took the crew all day to shore up with treated lumber and apply new trim.

Earlier in the week, more new windows went in. Everyone loves the black and we’ll be painting those that aren’t being replaced to match.

Meanwhile inside, Brian Bellamy, who’s known to be the best plaster guy on the Cape, worked his magic after the wall board went into the new master bath and closet. I want me some of them stilts.

And, even yesterday, they were working on the shower.

A big, obvious hole is the recessed shelf in the Red Room. (Long time fans may remember that originally we were thinking the bar would go there.) Ed and Darby took this on yesterday, and decided to fabricate the unit outside. It’s staged in the shed now, and Monday they will complete and slide it in. The center section will house a flat screen TV on a bracket with shelves above and below.

And, lest we forget landscaping…it’s been tricky for Jimmy Aalto to get in. He just came by moments ago, so we are current on his plans. Today or early tomorrow he will over-hydroseed. I’ve been a little skeptical given we’ll have 400 feet trampling around in a week, but he assures. Wednesday/Thursday, he’ll be bringing in shells and shrubs and will be cleaning up and mulching. He gave the big thumbs up to the new fence hiding the AC units behind my flower garden.

So, this looks (won’t jinx it with “promises”) to be a big week for the cosmetics of LGH. And maybe for shortening the trip to the can for the lord of the manor.




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