…in celebration. A year ago yesterday, we slept here for the first time. As described in We’re Inthe state of the house was as follows: Two bedrooms, a baths, an outdoor shower, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen with a dorm fridge, a make-shift sink, a toaster over and a microwave…and a bunch of extension cords running throughout.


As I write, we now enjoy four more bedrooms, a to-die-for kitchen with pantry, a cocktail room, a new chimney, a rebuilt stairway and a great mud/laundry room. (Sadly we have temporarily reverted from three to two baths and still have a few extension cords upstairs, but…) Also, restored floors, new paint, and air conditioning throughout. Outside: complete new roof, new patios and porches, near complete new cedar shakes, painted siding and trim, a leveled lawn, and a new driveway. So, fire the rockets.

The new master bath is plumbed and wired and has passed rough inspection. So, is ready for insulation, walls and fixtures.

And, for our many bar fans…I’d like to say “done,” but will qualify that door and drawer pulls have not yet arrived. Otherwise fully operational and inaugurated with four Old Fashioneds for the full family in residence this weekend.


Friday, the driveway went down. It’s asphalt underneath with embedded pea stones.

The parking areas are prepared and should be filled in with oyster shells this week.

Painters and roofers have been in full swing, and so there’s more Portuguese being spoken around here than English. Bom Dia! The roof is done and most of the painting and shakes.

Late breaking news…I had to suspend typing to welcome the insulation guys. Shortly, they’ll be blowing insulation into the new bath and in the crawl space.



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