Notwithstanding continued weather challenges and the driveway being tied up, there’s been reasonable forward motion in the last two weeks. Some nail biting going on over deadlines for several upcoming fundraiser events, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Re-roofed all around and the new cedar shingles are near complete:

The guest house is mostly painted. We decided to lose the contrasting green in favor of a color that blends with the shakes. And, we are enjoying several new doors and screen doors.

Grass is coming in OK along the drive, but we definitely need a reseed all around. When they were prepping the drive, no one could park, so several traffic ticket incidents ensued. Asphalt topped with pea stone will go down the drive, and the parking areas will be shells. God willin’, and more importantly, Jimmy Aalto and crew willing, it will happen this week. I primed the pump with oyster shells from last night’s dinner.

Much indoor progress as well. We added a bit to the footprint to gain a master bath, actually to move the master bath and gain a lot of closet space. The largest picture below is looking from the bedroom through the gutted old bath which will be closets and through the new door into the new bath.  New windows are cut and installed, and the siding is near complete. In addition to these windows, most of the first floor windows have been changed out at this point. Note too the awesome excavated wallpaper.

Also, some progress on the bar. New doors and shelves below. Wine and martini glass hangers installed. Still to go are a couple of drawers in the horizontal space to the left and a wine bottle rack above. Upstairs, the two final bedrooms are in action. The birthing room looks great with white paint replacing crappy old wallpaper and bunkbeds in place. And, thanks to a last minute sprint by Ed, we’ve even got electricity upstairs. Good thing, too, as we have a 10 or 12 staying here tonight.


One thought on “Up and Down, Inside and Out

  1. Hi Phil,

    This is Nancy Grant’s son in law, Rick Hill, married to Karen her oldest daughter. When we were going through things after Nancy passed last October, and in preparation for the sale of the condo at Cotuit Bay, we came across some items that we thought should stay with the house. There are old papers, deeds, a very old baby shoe that was found in the house when Nancy and Jack moved in some 40+ years ago. There is also an aerial photo that the family thought you should have.

    If you would send me a mailing address, I would be happy to put these few things in the mail to you.

    We all enjoy your blog and appreciate the fact that you have gone to such an extent to renovate the old house. That house is just full of wonderful memories of wonderful family times.

    best regards,

    Rick Hill

    904 449-4186



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