We are back in motion at LGH. Jimmy Aalto and the landscape crew came through and did a variety of small stuff: taking up old, buried pathways in the lawn, cutting out lawn from shrubbery along the front of the house and such. But the big thing was getting the leveled lawn hydro-seeded. We need some serious grass before hosting a fundraiser on July 15.

Jimmy likes his weapon!


And, while they were at it, Jimmy convinced us to put in a sprinkler system, by the way, so that’s all in biz…except that a monsoon came through soon after seeding, so we will need a redo this week.

We also consulted Jim on the dry well I had uncovered in the flower garden last week. Well guess what? It turns out I was right about “well,” but about “dry,” not so much. We knew it was deeper than my shovel, but he put down a tape and discovered water 40 feet down. Probably at one time had a crank and a roped bucket. Unfortunately doesn’t seem we can do anything with it, and he was adamant we need to fill in. So, pretty interesting, but another ka-ching.


While the team was working on the lawn, the periphery was abuzz with crews prepping for paint and replacing roofing and siding.

IMG_4571 copy.jpg

The roof is done.. The guest house prep is near complete too. Siding is underway.

A little more finished product. So great.


Removing shingles from the front revealed some of the house’s oldest construction. The siding boards are as wide as the floors upstairs. All very cool. Less cool was some of what we found on the north wall (upper left pic below). Sills pretty rotted away in spots and jury rigged with bricks and wood blocks. Luckily Ed gets here Monday morning to examine. Fingers crossed that it will not require major surgery; maybe just some shoring up here and there. Hell, it’s been there for a long time.

Along with Ed’s inside crew, Jimmy’s guys will be replacing the driveway this week. Next step inside should be cutting into the inaccessible box we built to house the master bath. First windows and then from the other side busting through wall of the existing bath. Fingers crossed the plumbers and electricians get on that quickly as those inspections tend to be the “long pole.” In parallel, Ed’s guys will demo the bath, start putting in closets/shelves, and work various other carpentry around the house. In anticipation, we are vacating the master bedroom and moving upstairs. Clearing out some built in drawers to temporarily accommodate my clothes, I came across (along with the mouse shit and grimy drawer liners) a 1907 Indian head penny. Hoping this portends good luck.



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