Would love to have more progress to report on this soggy Cape Cod Memorial Day morning. We’re moving slower than planned inside and out. The hope/plan is for Ed’s team to start up again, this week, but we have no confirmation. The driving need is to be ready for the Cotuit Library House Tour July 20. And similarly, we need the outside presentable for that event. But in addition, we’re hosting the CMYC fundraiser the weekend before and need a lawn on which to host.

The tent lawn has been fully leveled and is looking good, but won’t be seeded until the sprinkler system goes in. In theory, that’s this week too. Hoping for fast growing grass.


In addition, Jimmy Aalto brought in some good top soil for our gardens, in the sunniest spot on the property, and we began planting yesterday.


The garden will also get irrigation, but we’ve coordinated so Jimmy can work around the plantings. However, while planing, halfway back in the garden, I ran into an obstacle. Said obstacle started as a clink under my shovel blade. As I explored, the object’s perimeter kept widening until I concluded it must have been a large flat stone from a covered-over path. However, as I pried it up, I discovered that I’d unearthed and old dry well. A cylindrical brick structure, deeper than my shovel covered with two rock slabs, all this buried under only six inches of dirt. We will consult Jimmy for solutions this week. I guess we either go over with shallow root plants or collapse and fill it in.

The other outside progress has been prep for painting the guest house. It hadn’t looked too bad, but is requiring some serious grinding by a diligent Brazilian painter.


We did get some inside painting done upstairs on the last two bedrooms. But they are yet to be electrified, and it’s too gloomy out to illuminate a picture. Also, in anticipation of gutting the guest house (on which we may or may not hold off until after the summer) we began tiding up the junk temporarily stored there.

Cross fingers for a big update next week.


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