Our construction team remains tied up on another job, so zero progress to report in and on the house. We’re eager to get going, certainly, but know that once they are in, we’ve got them as long as we want them.

We have started to move ahead with yard. Jimmy Aalto, our landscape guy is great. He’s started leveling the lawn where it dips, off the patio side of the house. The motivation is be set up for tents for future entertaining. Note how the ground falls off to the right in this picture from September.


Also note how crappy the lawn looks. Last summer was very dry. So, Jimmy is leveling this out, seeding the whole lawn and, importantly, installing a sprinkler system. (Another unplanned expense, but he convinced us we needed the sprinkler, and I was even more convinced when I pulled out the pic above.)

Jimmy brought some fill in from another job this week and will have a couple more loads in the next few days.

Already the lawn is looking much better than it did last fall. We’re hoping the new seeding will be in good shape for the 4th, so this is top priority. Next, Jim will get going on re-habing the driveway and building a parking area, as well as building a flower garden. Stay tuned.

While we are on the topic of outdoors, a shout out to Tony Derricotte, the very talented artisan who made us a new set of chairs for the fire pit.

His western Mass-based Wood and Barrel Company makes beautiful, extremely durable furniture from wine and whiskey barrels. And they deliver! which is great cause these HEA-vy. Tony stained them to match our patio furniture. The chairs are very comfortable, by the way and look great.


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