May Day, May Day. We thought we’d lined up the guys to resume in early in April, but it looks like not so much until May 1. Fingers crossed for that. But Ed and Darby did show up for a couple days and made some good progress on the bar.

The process was not without mishap. Beth texted me the pictures above to show progress. I was dismayed to note that they had installed the sink with the length parallel to the back wall rather than perpendicular. The drain was not centered along the long dimension, so it didn’t align with the faucet. I decided to go with it, but it was going to bother me forever. Beth and Ed conferred the next day and, thankfully, they decided to address the issue.

The counter is an old door supplied by Ed. He’ll stain the patch to match and the door is rough enough, so it should look OK. Ultimately it will all get a few coats of urethane to waterproof it.

The fridge is good. We had a big party last weekend and determined it could hold about three and a half cases of cans. More typically, I expect we’ll keep a couple cases and other  drink supplies The door can hold white wine, juices, etc. Above the beer is a freezer compartment that’s big enough to hold a fair amount of ice. I’m looking for a couple of Tupperware containers for that purpose.

We’ll have glassware on the shelves up top with some racks underneath to hang wine and martini glasses. There will be swinging doors below and shelves on the left side where the booze is stashed. The opening to the upper left will hold a wine rack, and below that will be a couple of small drawers.



2 thoughts on “Bar Some

  1. it looks like 2 long shelves might be more useful than the 1. and i might have aligned all the cabinet work to match/meet the shiplap siding indents. it does look a bit off as is.


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