As regulars know, we suspended work for the winter, save for having some floors refinished when Beth was out of town. We had hoped to get the guys in last week, but they were delayed until tomorrow. We expect to have some really progress to report on next week and over the next few months.

It’s been a year. We closed on Laughing Gull Hill, March 31, and my first post was April Fools Day, 2016. In that one, I introduced the project with a little history and my expectations for things to come.

I thought it might be useful for folks who came late to this blog party, to highlight some significant milestones and “best of” posts from the last year, so you can check out the pictures. Yes, this is filler while we wait for Ed and team to start up this week, but you might pick and choose and find a few of interest:

April 3- A summary of the problems unearthed in the inspection.IMG_0243

April 9- A description of Cotuit for those not familiar.258206_873191899276_1153709982_o copy

April 17- Some early pictures of the “during” (as opposed to before or after) stage to give you a visual sense of what we were dealing with.IMG_0201

May 7- More good “during” pics.IMG_0502

June 17- Floors are finished, patio is complete and kitchen appliances wet

July 2- We moved in. A few bedrooms, a bath and early kitchen in operation.IMG_1199

Aug 29- Kitchen complete. And you can scroll down for pics second floor bath addition.IMG_1945

Oct 20- A look at cool new french doors, porches, and addition for master bath.img_3173

Nov 26- House Tour. The next best thing to actually visiting including floor plans.img_3183

Dec 26- A lot of pictures after we pulled everything together for Christmas.img_0656

Jan 1- A fun series of pics, comparing when the house was a B&B to what it looks like now. k

Stay tuned for real action next week.


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