The weather in Cotuit, as with most of the northeast, has been crazy up and down. Sunny though cool yesterday, today is blustery, gray and raw.

After the big push up to Christmas, we were content this winter at having for the most part suspended construction. The only significant work was getting the remaining floors finished while Beth was traveling. We were recently tapped by the Cotuit Library to be on their annual “House and Garden Tour” in July which suddenly isn’t feeling so far away. So, it’s time to get on with the next phases of the project.


We met yesterday with contractor Ed Lacey to put together a rough plan for the spring season. There remain a bunch of punch list sort of items—a door needs a lock and weather-stripping, some drawers need pulls, etc. But the bigger dogs are: Master Bath project, the bar, shelves in the Red Room and completing the cedar shakes. Also, the property also has to be put back together with some landscaping, paving, etc., but that’s Jimmy Alto, not Ed.

Ed’s agreed to bring the full crew back in a couple weeks and promises April will be a big month. He and his carpenters will get going on the bar and shelves. The additional shelves and cabinets will allow us to pull a lot more stuff out of storage which we will welcome. We have a lot of books and other possessions we’ve not seen for a year.

In parallel, we will get the plumbers and electricians going in the now empty space that will be the master bath. First step will be to sawzall some window holes as there is currently no ingress to newly constructed space (otherwise I’d post a pic of the inside). The trick will be to tradesmen out of there quickly so that we can have an inspector in, then insulate and close up the walls. If it all works out, Ed’s guys, having completed the shelves and bar, will roll in and finish the bath.


Above is looking past the porch and the foyer window to the sealed up space that will be our bath. Below is the rough plan. The pantry and Foyer closet are already done.


At some point, Beth and I will move upstairs for a few weeks so the guys can have free run of our bedroom and current bath. Then they will quickly gut the existing bath, break through to the new one, and then build walk through clothing storage where the old bath was. That’s the lack of clothes closets is what’s driving the need for the project.

Next week, I’m thinking I will fill you in on the decisions we’ve made for the bar.


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