While I have been enjoying the Cape Cod winter, Beth was…elsewhere.

We took advantage of her absence to have Pride Flooring refinish in three rooms plus finish the back stairs and apply a couple more coats in the kitchen. Without Beth’s hand at the helm, we didn’t manage to get the furniture replaced before she arrived Friday night from Thailand. Stuff was everywhere. And dust–oh man–on everything. But it’s the nature of the business. Pride Flooring can take pride in this job.

It was actually nice to be able to get the full view of the naked floors before the furniture and carpets were back in place.

Darby and he team of Brazilian strongmen showed up at 7:30 Saturday morning and it didn’t take long for them to wrestle the furniture back in place, even the 400 lb. French table.

With their help, and after a few hours of vacuuming, wiping and washing, we are now back in business.

The biggest transformation was in the not-yet-named bedroom upstairs. It now looks terrific and, by the way, now gone are the last vestiges of the musty smell that had pervaded the house since we first stepped through the door. The bedroom was the one remaining room in the main house that we had not touched. It could still use a coat of paint, but today, every room in the main house is inhabitable by humans. I stress “main house” as the guest house remains the wild west. (Conveniently being the west wing of LGH, thus allowing the metaphor.) Back to the bedroom, before and after:

We had never noticed, under the black paint, the crazy flaring shape of some of the 200 year old boards. Not sure how or why. Note also the copper patches we left in place for character (OK, and because there was no easy way to fix). We’ve given up on the floors being perfect. You could lose a coin through some of the cracks in this room. But to us, they are perfect in their imperfection.


That’s it for now. We need to regroup to figure out what to tackle next, but in a late breaking development, the Cotuit Library has asked us to be on their fundraiser House and Garden Tour in July, so that could put a little pressure on. Yikes!






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