“Is it done?” people often ask. Or, “How far along are you?” or “How much is left?” Well, no, it’s not done; there’s lots left to do. Many recent posts have focused on things coming to completion and may give a glass 60ish percent full impression rather than illuminating 40 percent  empty.

IMG_1877.jpgThe house is in an unusual state with the majority of the (13-16 rooms depending on how you count) essentially done while some remain untouched. Yesterday, we put together a spreadsheet combining punch list items for the completed parts of the house such as “Kitchen- replace torn screen” or “install draw pulls under microwave” with some slightly larger items items like “Guest House- Everything.”

So, major items…

Master Bedroom- Bathroom/Closet Project: The plan is to add a larger bathroom and necessary closet space to the otherwise-complete Master Bedroom. As in most 200+ year-old houses, closets are at a premium. As it stands, my clothes are stuffed into 2 feet with a bifold door and Beth’s are in the bedroom on an old rack from our attic that now eclipses the fireplace.

We’ve already built out the box that will house the new bath and that will allow us to convert the current bath space into closets. The only way in, as it stands, is with a saw. You can see the rough layout in the  House Tour Edition.


Guest House- Everything: The Guest House, attached to the Main House on the far side of the Mudroom, is pretty bad. Downstairs is a living room, small kitchen and a bath-t0-be. Upstairs is a bedroom. All is in poor repair, smells musty, has odd corduroy-like material on the walls, and we’ve not touched it. It’s stuffed with combination of furniture, belongings and construction material.

Other Bedroom- Dormer: So far we’ve not touched the fourth bedroom upstairs or the nursery off of it. The longer term plan is to push out a dormer across the entire front of the house joining the two smaller dormers that are now in place. This will be our opportunity to shore up the insect-damaged logs that are now our shaky rafters. We may hold off on the roof shingles over that part of the house until this is done. It will likely be the last project we tackle. For now we will paint both rooms and finish the crazy-wide pine boards in the bedroom (already did the Nursery).

A sampling of items: Hover over for explanations.

Stay tuned as we work our way though the list.


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