The push is on to finish up the Cocktail Room, which probably where the tree is going and certainly where we plan to socialize on Christmas Eve.

Here’s west wall of the room, unfinished shiplap in place. With tons of windows and doors in the house, we’re short on wallspace, so it’s great to have a fair-sized wall where we can hang some art.


The wall between the doors into the kitchen and dining room previously contained an  angled bookcase wedged below the back stair. That’s now walled in, and we’ll reclaim the space for storage through the kitchen closet. You can see the still-open wall around the fireplace. That will stay so until the chimney repair is complete.

The other end of the room anxiously awaits the bar. The plan is for a counter atop cabinets and a refrigerator with sheving above.


And now the walls are primed and ready, giving a sense of the final look, as the plan is to keep the room white–walls, trim and ceiling.

Work has also continued on the new closet and recessed space for the combination microwave/convection oven in the corner of the kitchen.

Finally, in addition to cocktails, Christmas Eve would not be the same without a fire in the fireplace. However, to ensure that such a fire would stay confined to the fireplace, we’ve been advised that safety demands a new chimney. We’ve brought in August West from off-cape, one of the few companies around who can handle the job. After the delay of a wet early week, the scaffolding is now in place and the brickwork is underway. Note, the chimney in question, is mostly obscured by planks. The listing one to the right is a battle for another day.



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