Not a lot went on this week that was picture-worthy, mostly continuing on the addition, putting a roof on, etc, anticipating winter. Cape.jpg

Several readers have expressed confusion over the layout of the house. It is a little confusing, both the way it is oriented on the lot and arrangement the rooms within. Below diagrams, circles and arrows to clarify.

We’ll start BIG picture with one that’s unnecessary for local readers, but here’s Cape Cod with Cotuit mapped. And, as we are smack in the center of town, Google’s marker for Cotuit is more or less at Laughing Gull Hill. I described Cotuit in a posting last April

Cotuit.jpgZooming in, the house sits just in from the corner of Main St and Old Shore Road, behind the corner house that was the Cotuit Post Office 100 years ago. The postmaster (and later mistress) lived here.

The address is on Old Shore Road which winds down by Hoopers Landing, past Ropes Beach and the yacht club. However, the only drive comes in from Main St. The maps and town records, show the narrow strip of land up to Main misaligned with the driveway. The maps could be off or the drive. Old deeds refer to this strip as a “passage way,” but to and through what is unclear to us, as is its ownership. Best we can tell, it is town land.


The place had an outstanding front view 100 years ago. Picturespic.jpg reveal that, like much of Cotuit, Laughing Gull Hill was virtually devoid to trees. Certainly the 100 foot wall of trees between the house and the harbor were absent. So, the front door facing the water made sense at the time. Now our water view angles northeast across Old Shore towards the yacht club. This time of year, it improves by the week.

In any case the driveway comes in from the back, first past the guest house and then along the side to the front of the house. Here’s a view coming in the drive from Main Street. You can see just a bit of the guest house on the left, in green. The fenced in area is the outdoor shower and the door straight ahead goes into the foyer off the kithen. For Spring, we plan a cut flower garden in the dirt/grass area left of the drive.


OK, inside. The floorplan below is a semi-accurate one, developed by the selling broker, now notated with clarifications, corrections and improvements. At the top is the front door.

first.jpgHere’s the foyer, mudroom and Cocktail Room (in progress) and the kitchen. At the far end of the kitchen note where the wall was removed, now revealing stairs and the widened door into the dining room. Also, behind the cabinets was a door to the bedroom, now gone.

And now the Red Room, bedroom and dining room and the front stair.

…which brings us to the second floor.


Below are Bedrooms A, D and C from left and clockwise.

Bedroom B and the Sitting Room have more or less not (yet) been touched, and retain some of the old smell the pervaded the house when we started this endeavor. The bath is fully in operation.

The guest house is a mess and full of building supplies, furniture and various of our possessions. Not worth pics at this point. Finally, here’s the state of the addition, now with a roof. Stay tuned.



4 thoughts on “Bonus Edition: Orientation and House Tour

  1. Wow…this is just amazing! You have done a fabulous job!!

    Joan L. Witter, CRS, ABR 2013 Massachusetts Realtor of the Year

    2012 President, CCIAOR and CCIAOR MLS

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