There was one glitch in the kichen design. We bought a really cool Bosch combo microwave and convection oven that was to have been mounted in one of the charcoal cabinets. But due to crossed wires with the cabinet guys, it just didn’t work. Our fallback was a vague, suboptimal plan to put it in the pantry. Hold that thought.

With the addition now extending the line of the little kitchen foyer along the south side of the house, we now have room for a badly-needed coat closet dead ahead when you enter from the porch. It is now framed in, and got a door this week.

The punchline is that Ed and Beth figured out that if they stole a little from the left side of the plenty-big closet, they could recess the oven into the wall along with the extra set of cabinets we’d received as part of the intial problems with the cabinet company. We had been thinking of putting the cabinet in the mudroom, but it just didn’t look great. This new solution looks to be perfect!

Foyer comes in from the right; the door on the left is into the pantry.

The rooflines and sides of the new addtion blend in beautifully with the existing structure. (Note the newly boxed in posts on the porch too.) The extension is unfinished inside and may remain so for a while until we get out act together on the whole master suite project.

Another new idea came up for the walls in the Cocktail Room. We were a little concerned that more Venitian finished plaster would start to make the whole house feel too formal. So, we tore off all the remaining plaster and are going with v-groove boards on the walls and ceiling. Botello’s stocks 4.5 or 5 inches which is fine for up top, but we had them custom bill boards for the wall that are about twice as wide.

Lastly, Ed our contractor has insisted on adding nautical-looking overhead beams in the mudroom. We are glad we indulged him as look great.



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