The weather has continued to cooperate as the team wraps up outdoor projects. That’s been the focus before winter sets in.

The stoops are by and large done. Each is built of blue stone on top of a fieldstone base.

The guys also replaced the columns on the kitchen porch, which will be boxed in soon.


The big push for the week has been the addition on the south side of the house which will ultimately house the master bath.

The landscapers moved our Rose of Sharon to make room for the second AC unit. We may be putting in a locker for trash cans next to them. In any case, we will fence/landscape these away. In front of them, in this sunny spot, will be a large cut flower garden next spring. And lastly, on the subject of the outdoors, the lawn continues to fill in.

Inside, inspections have gone well, so we should be closing up walls in the Cocktail Room soon. And, Scott keeps doing behind the scenes work on the HVAC system. Visibly, we now have registers in place and no longer fear losing our nearsighted pug Dexter down a hole.


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