Most of the work this week was rebuilding all the entrances we tore off last week.

The big Yay is a newly surfaced porch outside the door into the kitchen. With our oddly laid out lot (which I’ll review at some point) this is the most used entrance. We missed it for a week, but now it’s done, save for new supports (the ones in the picture below are only temporarily). It’s certainly usable. And the blue stone looks great! (right?)


The masons were busy assembling stones to form the step between the patio and the Cocktail Room.


Say Hi to the ghost of photographer Beth in her raincoat.


Recall that the trigger for all this was to save $7 (or something) on cement by meeting the minimum order size and that the driving need for the cement was the foundation for the small extension that will ultimately house the master bath. That is more or less complete and framing should commence this week.


Inside progress has been throttled by inspections. Boy, that whole routine strikes me as overkill. In the town of Barnstable, when you open a wall up, before you can close it, you have to get the plumbing and electrical work looked at a couple times. Only then can you insulate, and that too needs inspection. Then you can put up the wallboard and still need a final inspection. Maybe it’s all

Maybe it’s all necessarily, but it sure makes for a lot of waiting around. I keep wondering why our guy Ed can’t line up more in advance, but, at least in our hood, the M.O. seems to be to do everything serially.

No complaints though, (except for the bank account) everything is moving in a positive direction.



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