When we went to the historic commission about the upstairs bath, we also got permission to alter the footprint just slightly. To gain some space for closets and a new master bath, we are extending the small entry porch off the kitchen towards the front of the house. They were fine with that, the only restriction being that it could extend no closer than one foot from the front of the house which was our plan anyway.

So, Jimmy Alto brought in his small backhoe and started digging on Monday. He quickly discovered an old cistern for a well. Interesting, though of no consequence. So after some oohs and ahs and pics, he removed it, leaving a hole for the foundation.

The footing was poured later in the week.IMG_2662.jpg

Once the cement mixer is mixing, it’s evidently worth spreading the stuff around, so we decided to replace various steps around the house. This was another unplanned expense, but probably should have been, as most of the steps and porches were pitched such that rain would gather back towards the house. So, at this point we are stepless. Kind of a pain, as it has been impossible not to track sand through the house. With workman in and out, every bit of floor surface is now gritty. This is just one example of the plethora of minor inconveniences that come with living through such a project, one more reason we look to a future of no WIP.

And, of course, we need new steps for the new french doors, which will be part of the project. Note too the fresh shingling and trim. Eventually, our thought is to paint all of the windows black with white trim, which was a typical color scheme for old houses.


We continue to make behind the scenes progress with the wiring and HVAC. Scotty, Pete and Joe were busy yesterday running water from the boiler up to the second-floor air handler, and continuing the messy crawl under the house to run the ductwork. It was a happy day as they finally channeled hot air to the Red Room! Just in time, as today is chilly and windy on Cape Cod.


A few other notes. Between our sprinkler and mother nature, grass seed has been sprouting. Progress continues with lights in the mudroom. And, we finished outfitting the upstairs bath for Bookie’s visit this week.


Lastly, while the walls and ceiling are open in Cocktail Room, I’ve been contemplating what to do about music. I’ve had the electrician run speaker wires from the closet to the exterior wall for outdoor speakers, and I am now contemplating running another pair of wires for speakers that would be inset in the wall. May never use them, but it’s the wiring small expense to leave open the possibility.



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