The inspection report I summarized in an early April posting anticipated most of the problems we needed to work on. But this week, progress was slowed by the unanticipated need to patch rot in the walls of the guest house. It was all a consequence of the crappy roof that we replaced. Rot removal required access under the clapboards, so off they came and there is now new siding in place. The guest house bath will eventually go in behind the big blank wall and we will cut in a window at that time.

The doors that went in last week are pretty well buttoned up, just needing shingles and trim at this point. And, the hardware is in place, so they lock and everything.


The plumbers were in briefly and got the upstairs shower rig in place. We’re digging through boxes to find rings and curtains. Fingers crossed. And doors went on the linen closets on the way into the bath.

The plumbers also readied the wall behind what will soon be a wet bar in the new Cocktail Room. It’s plumbed for a small sink as well as for the utility sink that will go in the mudroom on the other side of the wall. There was some work on the mudroom this week as well, but we’ll hold off until next, as it should be near completion.


The only other development was that the landscape guy raked out all the dead crabgrass and slice-seeded. Evidently, it’s not too late to get a Cape Cod lawn going.


So, we’re hoping for a little rain, but sadly the weather is gorgeous these days, day and night.






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