Hark! There’s heat coming out of that there hole. After a big push by Scottie and Pete today, we have heat in about half of the first floor.


Said air is coming through the circulatory system of conduit that spiders all through the belly-crawl space under the first floor.


The perhaps even bigger news for the week is the installation of the new door and windows in the Cocktail Room. Ed’s team started early in the day on Friday opening up the wall.


In addition to the rot we had found low on the interior wall, we found more outside under the shingles, above the header.


Botello’s arrived around 7:30 to deliver the door and windows (Anderson Grade A).


Rot patched and hole boxed in, the french doors were in place by mid-afternoon.

And now looking great! The cocktail room will be perpetually light and bright thanks to this wall full of glass.



And, a little more progress on the upstairs bath with the floor in the hall painted and a cool new mirror and lights in place. Still wrestling with how to fit the shower rig under the slanting ceiling. May not, in the end, be a shower for over six-footers.

So, happy renovation to all. And to all a good night!



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