The upstairs bath is officially usable. That’s good because it means guests needn’t navigate our narrow staircases in the middle of the night.

We had put the tub in for sizing and placement, but removed it to Bookie’s room while the walls were being finished. There, the hundred-year-plus tub received a paint job while the bathroom’s wainscotting and shelf went in and the floor finish went on.

Recall, we added this room and so were working around an old roofline and varying ceiling heights downstairs. The wall behind the sink couldn’t come straight down and the lower part is set into the room. It’s now capped with a mahogany shelf that has a raised edge giving a nautical look. The wide sink, with its two independent hot/cold “showers,” is set into the lower wall and shelf. And, it nicely matches the look of the tub.


Here’s the before:


The layers of paint on the floor give it a “distressed” look. That completed, all of the fixtures are now in place.


Still some work to be done–we’ll have a shower arrangement eventually and need some lights, a mirror, etc.–but the room functions. Finally, the shelves for linens are in on the side of the hall leading to the bath.


Meanwhile, downstairs, they have been rebuilding the wall of the Cocktail Room to repair water damage and make way for new windows and french doors onto the patio. First, they had to build a temporary wall to hold up the house.


Then they ran a new header atop where all the new windows and doors will go.This is a fabricated beam with a half inch piece of steel sandwiched in the middle.


Now the wall is all framed out and awaiting windows and doors this week.



The temporarily dark room should be beautifully bright by next weekend. There’s a little pressure to get everything well buttoned up with Hurricane Matthew deciding on his northward path. Oh, and we have guests coming. Yikes! Fingers crossed that the storm decides to head out towards the Azores.


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