We have been out of town so are not completely up to speed on where things stand. We believe there has been progress on the upstairs bath, but one can’t be sure.

Early in the week, the team started in on the Cocktail Room (not to be confused with the room formerly known as the Cocktail Room). The room currently has a wall of windows looking out onto the patio, but the plan is to change out the windows and to put in a door.


We’ve had concerns about the wall since before the home inspection due to…well…


It’s pretty clear that water has been coming in for years from somewhere up above. We’re not sure how far up, but the guys tore the wall down and they think water may have come in around the windows of the bedroom above. Still some investigative work to be done.

Removing and replacing the ceiling will gain a few inches of height. We considered leaving beams exposed, but their sizes and spacing are very uneven, and we concluded it would be a little weird, even for us.



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