The roof over the mudroom turned out to be in pretty bad shape. Years of trapped moisture yielded much rot in both the sheathing boards and trim around the edge. Behind the mudroom is the to-be bath for the guest house, and the roof flattens atop that part. In that area is where the rot was most acute.

So, much of the week was spent with patching and replacing the sheathing, flashing (to avoid the same issues in the future), finishing the shingling on the back, and installing a new rubber membrane over the flat part.


They also re-trimmed around all protruding edges of the roof. Say Hi to Mike.

IMG_2230 (1).jpg

The other big step forward was finally getting wallboard up in the upstairs bath and the hall leading to it. The inspector had held things up a bit over some venting issues which are all behind us now. We have guests in a few weeks, and it now seems likely we will be able to accommodate them the running water upstairs.

Meanwhile, trusty painter Karen Crocker continues to work her way room to room. She made a lot of progress this week on the front hall implementing the color scheme that will tie the first floor together. We’ve gone with white walls and Shaker Beige trim in the hall and will likely go the same in the Cocktail Room to be. (Expect a focus on that yet-to-be-touched room over the coming weeks.) We left the ocean wave detail that ramps up the trim on the side of the stair, though it is a little more subtle then when it was highlighted in blue and white.

Karen, by the way, is a painter, but also a painter, as in artist. Check her out!

We picked the Shaker Beige as the trim color to complement the indescribable silvery, goldy gray that we settled on for the walls in the dining room. It looks great in there and, thankfully, really nice with the white as well. While working on the hall, Karen more or less put the final touches on the windows in the dining room.


Lastly, under the new roof, the mudroom work continues. The walls are nearing completion. The open part will stay so for a bit in anticipation of wiring for the Cocktail Room to which it is adjacent. We have also decided to turn the washer-dryer 90 degrees from where it is in the picture to resolve a venting puzzle. So they will be turned and  there will be a counter and shelving below the electrical box next time we check back.


If all goes well, shortly, the window wall in the Cocktail Room that you see through the door will be torn out for new floor to ceiling windows and a slider out onto the patio.

Oh, and, almost forgot: Plumber Scotty would be unhappy if I didn’t mention that he’s had the downstairs air handler in place in the cellar. So, it is conceivable we will have heat before the winter, at least on the first floor. The second floor, by the way, has never had heat (save for fireplaces) in the history of the house.



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