Most of the focus this week was on the mudroom, inside and out. It’s one story and ties together the main and guest house, both two stories. The dip in the roofline has harbored lots of rot and leaks, so has required considerable work outside as well as inside.

You can see how they built out the overhang of the roof to better keep rain from the door. You can also see, we located the outside shower to be adjacent to the mudroom, which is also the laundry room, the idea being that when you come off the water wet and cold, you can take a shower and dump your stuff in the laundry.


They have continued the new shingling around to the outside wall above the mudroom.


Here are a few “befores” to give you sense for how gross it was (albeit you will have to imagine the smell on your own).

The shot below is from a few weeks ago. The back end of the room is open into what will be the guest house bath. The wall on the right was in terrible shape so had to be torn out since this was taken.


Now the framed wall is closed up, continuing the horizontal board look that was original (the new boards aren’t rotted, though, and don’t smell, which is nice). The electrical box is for the guest house (located through the door on the left).  And, finally I have a place to hang stuff after sailing!



Lastly, a detail, but a helpful step forward: The room that is soon be the “Cocktail Room” (not to be confused with the room that was at one time to be, but is no longer to be the “Cocktail Room”) now has some working outlets and recessed lights in the ceiling. Plans are for a bar against the far wall to the right of the door, floor to ceiling windows and slider out to the patio on the wall righthand wall, and maybe even some paint.


Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.



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